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Factors that make a good home inspector

Factors that make a good home inspector. You want your report the same day as you get your home inspected. Getting your report the next day or two days from the inspection date is unacceptable.

You also want the inspection process done in a reasonable time frame; you don’t want to be there all day but all the information needs to be collected too. A good home inspector can collect all the info in 2 to 4 hours and finish the report within the next few hours following.

Also a report needs to be legible a computer generated report with colour photos and diagrams is the best way to get the word across. We do all of these.

Tourent Inspections Inc. knows that buying a home is one of the biggest purchases most people ever make. We give you the tools to make the right decision.

Condo / Apartment inspection

  • Condo Interior/Exterior
  • or Condo Interior only

Condo Inspection includes building exterior, roof, Mechanical room, electrical, parking garage, Patio and suite interior.

All home inspections

All home inspections include a digital PDF copy of the report viewed from your computer. We email the report to you within 2 hours after the home inspection.

 house inspection

House - Single Family Dwelling

House Inspection includes building exterior, roof, heating, electrical, plumbing, garage, patio/deck, attic, appliances, and interior we look at over 400 specific areas of the house.

townhouse & Manufactured Home Inspections

  • Townhouse
  • Manufactured Home

Townhouse Inspection includes building exterior, roof, heating, electrical, plumbing, garage, patio/deck, attic, appliances and interior.

We Inspect

Founded in 2008, Tourent Inspections Inc.

Our firm has been delivering on our promise to provide unique home inspections that are both dynamic yet cost effective. We pride ourselves on delivering nothing less than perfection to our clients.

We apply sound principles of building practices and apply them to your home inspection to deliver a report that exceeds the provincial standards. We look forward to working with you on your condo or house purchase.

We are getting a reputation as the best in the industry, and that's what they are saying!

 If you're buying or selling a home, having a professional home inspection from our leading home inspection company will give you peace of mind, and assist you in a fair and smooth transaction.

 Let us do your home inspections! We offer on site credit card payment, same day computer generated reports. Your Professional Home Inspection will include a detailed report with colour photos and easy to read informative content. We inspect Houses, Townhouses and Condo Properties!

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